Séminaire « Follow the Children: Law(s) and Identities »

By focusing on examples of law’s interactions with children and youth, what can we learn about the shape and significance of belonging, affiliation, community membership and even constitutional structures?  Conversely, by exploring law’s response to identity-based claims, what do we learn about law’s understanding of and engagement with young people? As subjects of, and participants in, law, children and youth have particular characteristics. Their identities are necessarily in formation; they are subject to many influences and may have many affiliations relevant to their development; their relationship to the state is often moderated through their relationships to family members and communities; and any discussion of their rights and agency intersects with that of their needs and vulnerability.

Participants in this seminar will engage in an intensive and interactive way with problems and perspectives related to identity and diversity. By selecting issues focused on children, drawn in particular from Canada with complementary comparative references, we will explore identity-based issues raised by individuals, communities, states and institutions. Discussions will be triggered by the introduction of particular case studies – reported decisions, a potential challenge in law, or a particular legislative policy – and will focus on selected academic sources, supplemented by further relevant examples and commentary.

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